We highly recommend that the traveler of any age protect his or her travel investment by purchasing travel insurance.  Fred is a registered Travel Insurance Agent with the State of TEXAS and provide you with the best travel insurance in the industry, Travel Insured International. If the traveler who books a tour or cruise with our agency chooses not to purchase travel protection, we do insist that the traveler sign a refusal to purchase travel insurance waiver.  Travel Insurance is always offered to all our clients on an optional take it or leave it basis. 

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One aspect of providing travel arrangements for our clients is service to the individual.  We do not use high pressure to sell someone a cruise or tour.  We do our best to provide the customer with what the customer tells us he wants in the way of travel mode.  We find the best travel component available at the most reasonable price, and allow the customer to decide.  We respect the traveler's decision.

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